Yo, I'm Vincent Ngo, an iOS developer. Striving to become a better mobile developer. I am also learning how to golf. I love teaching and writing tutorials.

iOS 8 by Tutorials

iOS 8 has finally been released today! I was fortunate enough to get a chance to write a book tutorial

Reusable Transparent Menu

Goal Today on Saturday, I decided to create a reusable menu. You might notice that this menu is similar to


Hackathon at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill HackNC a hackathon with over 200+ passionate hackers trying to

Raywenderlich Tutorial Team!

I am really excited about being apart of a great community Raywenderlich.com! It is a web site that provides

Downloading images using NSURLSession

I have used grand central dispatch before, but never NSURLConnections. I have had problems with loading images on to a